Jeff Buckley : “Live in Tokyo” (Very Rare Bootleg)

Jeff Buckley – 1995-01-30 – Liquid Room Tokyo


01. dream brother
02. grace
03. so real
04. last goodbye
05. what will you say
06. lilac wine
07. mojo pin
08. eternal life
09. Impro + Love you should’ve come over
10. Hallelujah + I know it’s over

>> download <<

Thanks to T.U.B.E for this one!


One Response to “Jeff Buckley : “Live in Tokyo” (Very Rare Bootleg)”

  1. Hey! I like this site. I know nothing of Jeff Buckley, but I’d heard of him, so I decided I’d come here and see what you had posted. I’m going to dl the ‘So Real’ record, just as a starting point, but what I really need is someone to tell me, Hey, I like this song by him…and so on, so I can figure out where to start. If you’d be willing to do that, I’d appreciate it. 😉

    I dunno how many records he released, but, to start off, which one is your favorite? If I’m going to invest my money in (aka buy) one, which should it be?

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