Jeff Buckley : “The Rare Tracks” (7 CD Compendium)

Jeff Buckley – The Rare Tracks


A capella song
All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun
All Tomorrow’s Parties
Alligator Wine
Angel mine
Arlenes grocery
Atlanta Session
Babylon dungeon demos
Bagdad Café (8.13.92)
Be my husband
Beatles cover
Bend towards the sun (Lambchops version)
Bluebird blues
Cabaret metro
Calling you
Catnip dream
Curtains (Live)
Despite The Tears
Dido’s Lament (meltdown festival)
Dink’s song
Dream of a Russian Princess
Edgar allen poe
Edna Frau
Eternal life (live from the mtv studios)
Fare Thee Well
farewell angelina (acoustic bob dylan cover)
Father Demo solo gig 12-6-96
Forget her
Freaks Of America Unite (Alive)
Gods and Monsters (Van Morrison, St. Anne’s 3.13.92)
Grace (acoustic boot)
Grace (acoustic)
Happy birthday
Harem Man
Haven’t you heard (live at arlenes grocery)
How Long Will It Take
I against i (acoustic at kcrw, january 1994)
I Know It’s Over; Garbage Can, circa ’93
I love you porgy
I never asked to be your mountain
I want someone badly
If you see her say hello
In The Cantina
Interview 1
Interview 2
Ivo (Live at CBGB’s – 1993-12-18 – Cocteau Twins Cover)
Jeff on drums, vocals
Jewel Box (Knitting Factory 2.4.97)
Jolly Street
Justice (live)
Killing Time
Knitting factory
La Laiterie (Strasbourg – 14-02-95)
Land of the Giants
Last Goodbye (Rare Radio Promo -WHFS – live acoustic)
Last Month of the Year.Special Edit
Let Time Stand Still
Let’s Bomb The Moonlight (Sketches 4-Track Outtake)
Lilac seasons
Lilac wine (live)
Lover, You Should’ve Come Over (medley with All Flowers In Time – 1995-02-22)
Madame George
Mama You’ve Been On My Mind
Mercury lounge 11 dinks song
Mingle (with John Reis)
mojo pin (chocolate mix)
Mojo Pin and Grace (Columbia Records Radio Hour promo)
Morning Theft (live)
musicial chairs
Mystery gig
Nightmares by the sea (live at arlenes grocery)
The Garage (Nina Simone cover, London, 1-9-94)
Nirvana Spoof
No One Must Find You Here
No Soul
Once I Was
Parchman farm
Peace Offering (Sketches 4-Track Outtake)
Phantasmagoria in Two
I Shall Be Released (phone conversation-)
Please send me someone to love
Presumed backwards message
She Is Free (3.13.92)
Sing A Song For You (Live Tim Buckley Cover)
Sky Is A Landfill (Knitting Factory 2.4.97)
so real (acoustic)
So real (live)
Squeakor (live)
Story Without Words
Strange fruit
Strawberry street
Sweet Thing
That’s All I Ask (medley with Kangaroo – Urban Art Bar 12.1.94)
That’s All I Ask
Three is a magic number
The boy with the thorn in his side (live smiths cover)
The other woman
Thief Without the Take
Tribute to Jack Kerouac
Twelfth Of Never; NYC Tribute 11.17.99
Vancouver (live Arlenes Grocery 2-9-97)
We All Fall In Love Sometimes (Live on Air – The Music Faucet WFMU, 1992-10-11)
Wild is the wind
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
With John Hammond Jr. and Entourage
What Will You Say – live acoustic
Dream of A Russian Princess (St Ann’s Cathedral NYC 3-12-92)
She is Free (St Ann’s Cathedral NYC 3-12-92)
With inger lorre (thief without the take)
Witches Rave
All That I Ask (RRR Rooftop Cafe 8.31.95)
Last Goodbye – Glastonbury 6-25-95
With Gary Lucas – Hymne a L’amour (live 4-5-1992, Roulette Club, New York, NY)
With Gods and Monsters (1992-03-13, St. Anne’s Church, Brooklyn, NY)

Part 01 ¤ Part 02 ¤ Part 03 ¤ Part 04 ¤
Part 05 ¤ Part 06 ¤ Part 07 ¤

(Many thanks to T.U.B.E for this one)


51 Responses to “Jeff Buckley : “The Rare Tracks” (7 CD Compendium)”

  1. Holy crap, and I thought I had a lot of Jeff Buckley songs… Jeff takes up over 15% of the space on my Ipod now, guess I should just buy one just for his songs. This is just amazing. Thank you so much for this post, there are a bunch here that I don’t have.

  2. What a great collection of songs. Thank you for putting up this great collection. I have been searching most of the day trying to find single songs and bootlegs. I guess I can stop now :-)Jeff takes up more than 15% of my Ipod now and that will be increasing by a lot it looks like. I really appreciate sites like this, the amount of time you guys put in is amazing. Thanks again!

  3. This is just pure magic. Thank you. 😀

  4. hi just wondering if you knew where i could get hold of strawberry street its an awsome track thanks

  5. Edgar Allan Poe.

    With an A.

  6. Thanks for all the great responses guys! You can reach me at as well as at

    Let me know what you’d like to see so I can help you all out….

  7. oh man…this is the most incredible early christmas present i’ve ever received at the best possible time. thanks. very very much.

  8. hi! thank you thank you thank for this. however, i’m having a hard time downloading it form rapid share. do you think you can upload the files in sendspace or divshare?

  9. Thanks for all the little gems, I’ve got some of them, but this helps me alot incase I die tomorrow.

    Still looking for the song “moodswing whiskey” used to have it earlier…but changed computer.

  10. I forgot to mention, part 5 seemes to be corrupted every time i download it…

  11. […] Jeff Buckley Nov 17, 1966 – May 29 1997. [link] […]

  12. i freaking love you for sharing all of this. you have made my year and it is only january.

  13. Hey folks,

    This is incredible and nothing short. I do have a little request though cheeky and all as I am. There’s a version of the way young lovers do that I heard a number of years ago. It’s not the version off the Grace EP or Live at the Bataclan. I think it could be actually on the Sessions (silver wolf) album. Would you know where I could pick up a copy of this album or where I could grab this version. The end of the song is something special. Thanks again for taking the time to put together this great resource.


  14. Thank you for giving me access to songs I would never have been able to listen to otherwise. Jeff Buckley is by far one of the most talented singers to ever live.

  15. Do I need the RapidShare software to download the songs? ‘Cause I can’t seem to figure it out otherwise.

    Darn. I’m really jonesing for Jeff’s cover of Phantamagoria..

  16. thank you
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you

  17. Amazing!! But can you buy songs or download them? and how?
    never knew Jeff had sooo much music in his legacy..

    Hi I was browsing the above site but couldn’t get “I never asked to be your mountain”.
    Thanks sooo much. I remember I had some of these songs on my MD years ago.

  19. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a DUET Jeff did with a (unidentifiable) female singer on some sort of keyboard, with the main theme of the song “When I am king” (could be the song title)?

    It sure sounds like him, but I haven’t found anything about it anywhere and I have this low-grade MP3 I downloaded in ’99 I’d love to replace with the original.

  20. Great list. One correction: the cover version of “Sing a Song For You” is performed by Thom Yorke of Radiohead and doesn’t at all involve Jeff.

    A few questions: what’s the Beatles cover he did? Because I don’t ever remember Jeff doing a Beatles song.

    Also, what is Radiate? I’ve never heard of that one either.


  21. A huge thank you.
    This is just an echo of all the praise above. Well done Buckleyesque.

    A small point just in case you don’t know. There’s something different about file 5 and Linux users (i’m using Ubuntu) won’t be able to download it. Something to do with javascript. Or maybe it’s because i’m using Firefox? Dunno.

    Thanks again.

  22. I love the song Radiate; however, it doesn’t sound like Jeff Buckley singing. Can anyone tell me who is singing on Radiate?

    Thank you.

  23. good shit !!!
    thx 🙂

  24. amazing!

    thank you 🙂

  25. My english is very bad, but i want to say: thank you for this present!! i’m floting all the night. Thanks again

  26. this is an excellent site full of rarities. i’m so pleased that i discovered it. ive downloaded parts 2-7 but i’m having trouble downloading part 1 as it won’t let me. is there any other way i can get part 1?

  27. It’s awesome! unfortunately the first part is down. Could you please re-upload it?

  28. I really loved this site, you’ve made a great job man. But as soon I started to download this bootleg, I found a problem with PART 1. Can you re-upload it, please?

    I’m a fan from Argentina and I found a big inspiration in Jeff’s work.


  29. Could you please recheck the links for for the rarities compendium. Part 1 is nonexistent. Please reupload and fix the link!

  30. The download link for Part 1 is not working. Could you please re-post it?
    This is incredible! Thank you!

  31. Thanks a lot! This is amazing. The only thing is that the first link isn’t working. The others all are. I thought I’d let you know. Thanks!!!!

  32. I think you made me one of the happies fellas on earth ^^

    Ive been looking for the full version of vancouver for years and ive so far only been able to track down the 2min6sec version so, Thank you very much! 😀

  33. I know it have been a while, but the first part have been removed from rapidshare. Can anyone upload it back, please?

  34. Where can i find these songs?!!? download them or buy the cds in a store? Thanks!

  35. Hey can someone fix part one??

    Not working… please please please???

  36. Thank you so much for posting this. I had problems with part1.rar, the file doesn’t exist anymore. Can you repost it please, thank you.

  37. Hi. Is there anybody who can tell me where i can listen to these rare tracks ? thank you

  38. Ooh – the first one has died! 😦

  39. is there any chance to get the part 1 available again? that link ain’t working..
    many thanks, though

  40. Thank you,

    for Dido’s lament alone – this is truly wonderful.

    Can anyone help me the first link? All the others are working but this one.
    Appreciate any help – this file has the song with Liz Frazer!

    Love Andy.

  41. The style of writing is very familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  42. For PART1 ONLY the file could not be found.Can anyone re-upload it please?Thanks!

  43. Part one is a dead link 😦 Please repost
    I’m in dire need of the babylon sessions…
    You’re blog is amazing! Thanks for your efforts in helping to keep the music and magic of Jeff Buckley alive!

  44. Excellent blog and thanks for all the links! One request – the link for the first cd is not working. Could you fix that please? Thanks in advance

  45. Oh no, I’m too late :\

  46. Hi, just to say thanks for posting these tracks, have downloaded all but part one link not working, rapidshare says not found, would be great if you could fix.

    Love the blog, really cool stuff on JB!

    Be well


  47. Big ups for these tracks!

    As per above, any chance of a re-up on Part 1 please?

  48. Thanks for the links, but like the above users commented the first link isn’t working.

    Take care

  49. Please fix this 😦

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