Your Vote for his Best Album

By buckleyesque

October 31, 2007

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Here are the choices:

1. Grace

2. Grace (Legacy Edition)

3. Live at Sin E (Legacy Edition)

4. Mystery White Boy

5. Live at L’Olympia

6. Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk

7. Live at the Batlacan

8. So Real (2007 Compilation)

Please vote for your favorite and tell me why in the comments section. The winning album will be offered for full download upon the results!


One Response to “Your Vote for his Best Album”

  1. Really good website, thanks for have created this, and to have put all this rarities.

    I’m a french Jeff Buckley fan since 2004. I’ve first seen the video “Grace live à Nulle Part Ailleurs” on a French TV show, and I immediately began to love Jeff Buckley’s music.

    To me, his best album is Grace.

    I’ve several reasons to vote for this album:

    -First, this album is unique and wonderful, songs like “Hallelujah” or Grace” are transcendental to me, I could’nt imagine to live on day without these songs,
    -Second, this is the only real album that he has made for his living, and I think all the others album that his mother and Columbia have made have been realized just for commercial reasons (although there are good music on it);
    -to finish, “Grace” is the first song of Jeff that I’ve heard, like I’ve already said before, so I’m particularly attached to this song, and I think this is the best song to represent Jeff Buckley’s music: this chord progression, this transcendental voice…

    Thanks for have listened me,

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