Full Jeff Buckley Shows (HQ MP3)

By buckleyesque

December 13, 2007

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A few more rarities that Olaf just sent in – thanks for the links. Look for the full Garbage Can Tape later on in the page for a full RAR of the whole cassette!

Also here are links to entire shows in mp3 format (no breaks between tracks)

Rarities from NYC

All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun with Elizabeth Fraser
Forget Her (Alternate Version)
I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)
Opened Once (Instrumental)
River of Dope
When My Love Comes Down
When the Levee Breaks
You and I (Guitar Version)

Trash Can Demo Tape

Parchman Farm
If You See Her Say Hello
I Know It’s Over
Killing Time
Madame George

Live Recordings

Arlene Grocery (NYC, 2-9-97)
Liquid Room, Tokyo Japan (1-30-95)
The Knitting Factory (NYC, 2-4-97)
I Shall Be Released (WFMU Radio) This is actually Buckley singing over the phone.
Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
We All Fall In Love Sometimes

Acoustic Show at Sproul Plaza

Last Goodbye
Lover You Should’ve Come Over
So Real
Mojo Pin


Atlanta Session
Last Goodbye
Lover You Should’ve Come Over
Mojo Pin
So Real

Phoenician Theatre (Sydney, Australia)

Dream Brother
Mojo Pin
So Real
Last Goodbye
What Will You Say
Lover You Should’ve Come Over
Eternal Life

Just an Assortment of Songs

Farewell Angelina (Acoustic Bob Dylan Cover)
Grace (Acoustic)
Mama You Been On My Mind
Ozark Melody
Murder Suicide Meteor
We Could Be So Happy
Woke Up In A Strange Place


6 Responses to “Full Jeff Buckley Shows (HQ MP3)”

  1. I have to say a big thank you for all of these uploads, I lost my rare Jeff music recently so this blog has been a massive lifeline for me.

  2. It would’ve been nice to know that you were hotlinking to my site. I can take the hits no problem, but I certainly was surprised to see 20GB a month increase on my bandwidth.

    I’m downloading those raretracks that were linked to earlier that are up on Rapidshare right now.

  3. This has made my week! Maybe even year! Thanks so much for the links!

  4. Please PLEASE, Reupload these it’s so hard to find some nicely organized rarities.

  5. please, reup these songs! seems like must haves for me, i like jeff very much and wherever i’m lookin’ for those tracks, nothing’s really found.. damn it

  6. I can’t seem to download any of these, i especially want the Rarities from NYC. It says the blog has been removed.
    Thanks for all the other downloads, such as Live at Sin-é. enjoyed them all so much:D

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