Jeff Buckley : “Live at Sin-E” (2-CD Legacy Edition)

By buckleyesque

August 22, 2008

Category: Full Albums


Is the Legacy Edition of Jeff’s “Live at Sin-E” the greatest Jeff Buckley album? Many of you seem to think so, as I have received over fifty requests from around the world for this specific album. I’ve never hosted this here before.

The 2-CD Set of the Legacy Edition is actually a 3-Disc Set, if you count the DVD they include. Unfortunately, the DVD does NOT contain the concert, just a very short documentary with bare clips of Jeff at Sin-E, but no actual footage of the concert in progress in terms of whole songs.

Jeff was always great live, and this has perhaps his best rendition of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan classic. There is also a Nina Simone cover, and as usual, his original songs are breathtaking. Enjoy.

Jeff Buckley : “Live at Sin-E Legacy Edition” (HQ 2-CD Set)


3 Responses to “Jeff Buckley : “Live at Sin-E” (2-CD Legacy Edition)”

  1. I don’t get your point, this album’s available in the market so why distribute it illegally here ? I thought the point of your website was to make available rare live concerts, which I’ve enjoyed so far ! But this… What’s the point really ?

  2. This is a really great site, and I commend him or her/whoever has put it together. I’ve just started gradually releasing all my own found Jeff rarities on my blog,, and I invite any serious jeff fan to come and check it out. My first post is a very good quality version of the Babylon Dungeon Sessions demo.

    Love to all friends of Jeff,


  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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