Welcome to Buckleyesque.com

Buckleyesque is a quiet tribute to Jeff Buckley, and his insanely talented father Tim Buckley.

I actually consider Tim the more talented of the duo, as is evident from his numerous studio albums, but he didn’t have as many musical influences upon his music as his sons’ did, which is why Jeff is probably regarded as more eclectic (especially evident on the ‘Live at Sin-E’ album).

This site will not host full length official albums – my priority is to share rarities and other goodies that I’ve got on these two fine performers.



12 Responses to “About”

  1. hey, great work.

    i love the website, a great tribute to a great man. its good to see you uploading and sharing rare files. as a new lover of jeff i really appreciate this, and ask for it to keep going. i am specifically looking for songs of the bootleg album “fall in light”. There are soundboard songs of jewel box, morning theft and the sky is a landfil on this album, and i;m looking for the entire concert. thanks if you could upload this.

    keep up the good work, its appreciated by many,


  2. My request to all of you – if you have any rare stuff at all, contact me at buckleyesque@gmail.com so that I can host it here.


  3. thank you for this site!

  4. wauw… this is a GREAT site!!! thank you sooo much!!! I love it, just looovee it:):):) Thank you!
    x Lisa

  5. just wanted to thank you for all the music and the lovely pictures…
    i am 34 years old but Jeff entered my life just last year, and i have been catching up furiously, so to speak. he was such a gorgeous soul and a special human being, beyond any description. i’m sure he would have graced us with much more of his incredible music and captured more hearts with his distinctive voice, had he lived but a little longer. let us cherish his short life as best we can, revel in his creations, let ourselves be moved to tears again and again…
    namaste, Jeff.

    happy 2008, much health and continued success to you.


  6. for the sound of life itself coming through his voice and for the purest drops of essence of love through his songs.. I thank you..

  7. Great Site – do you have an updates mail?

    Somebody leave a light on – Dayna Kurtz

    ^ Tribute song to Jeff, hauntingly lovely

  8. Hey there, just another request. i have been looking for an mp3 of the radio show jeff did, just with himself, where he performed satisfied mind. i know he also did alligator wine, and corpus cristi carol (vocal). would love to get a hold of this.

    cheers again!

  9. Hey there,
    Your site looks really great! I’ve just started up my own Buckley-tribute site. I’m going to be sharing lossless recordings (in .flac files) besides mp3’s. Check it out and tell me what you think!

  10. Hi. Part 1 rar file of rarities link seems to be broken. Any chance of fixing it. Others are OK, I think. Thanks.

  11. Hi!
    Thanks so much for this. I had bookmarked a person on youtube who was uploading the most awesome Buckley videos. His/her youtube name was buckleysoreal. Now I go back and find the account has been suspended and none of that footage is accessible anymore. I’m so bummed. It was a real labor of love, and they’ve pulled it all. We had emailed each other a bit, and that’s how I found my way here. Maybe they’ll see this and know how much the work they put into it was appreciated. Hopefully they can get the videos back up there somehow.

    Thanks for this forum!!

    Chris in NH

  12. Hey… great site, with great stuff!! I know it hasn’t been updated in awhile, but I can’t access ANY of these downloads- looks like they’ve all expired. Is there an easy way to refresh these?

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